mot jobbet

Nu sticker jag mot jobbet efter en veckas(!) ledighet. Det om något känns ju helt bananas, men jag har verkligen behövt den här veckan att tänka om och allting. Så det har vart skönt.

Har lagt upp lite inlägg under dagen :)

Postat av: Karen with Costume Kingdom

Dear webmaster,

I'm the webmaster for, and our site is currently trying to recover from a Google penalty for an unnatural link profile. Specifically, we seem to have too many links with keyword-rich anchor text.

I'd like to request that you update the anchor text in the link to us from the following page:

which links to this page on our website:

We'd like the anchor text to be either "Costume Kingdom" or "", whichever you feel fits the flow of your content better. If, however, you don't see an easy way to change the content to link with our URL or brand name, we'd like to simply have the link removed.

If you could take just a couple of minutes to help us out, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks very much for your time,

-Costume Kingdom

2012-06-12 @ 01:38:55

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